Cd covers
Client: Gaia Essentials.
Graphic design: Susanne Fransson Kane.
Book jackets/covers
A series of book jackets (total of 4). 
Client: Inside Publishing, New York.
Graphic design and photography: Susanne Fransson Kane.wintersleep
A series of covers for poetry books (total of 4)
Client: Griffin Press, New York.
Graphic design and photography: Fransson Kane.
Book jackets/covers (in progress)
Client: Inside Publishing, New York.
Graphic design and photography: Fransson Kane.
Annual reports
Client: Publicera Information, Stockholm.
Rymdbolaget AB and Fast Partner AB, Sweden.rymdbolagetimage100FastPartner 
Sköna Hem magazine.
Client: Bonnier Tidskrifter, Stockholm.
Client: Bonnier Tidskrifter, Stockholm.
Client: Bahia restaurant, New York.
Graphic design: Fransson Kane.
Dans i Uppland project.
Client: Uppsala Kommun.
Graphic design: Fransson Kane.
Book covers (serise of 4 total, so far).
Client: Inside Publishing, New York
Design and photography: Susanne Fransson Kane. 
Moroccan explorations!
Graphic design: Fransson Kane.
Logo design and profile for Immo Consulting Engineering, Marocco. Smooth project with some cool dudes. A logo green like grass for an engineering company. What(!) you might think. But these new entrepreneurs will make the desert bloom. Makes complete sense. Looking for Maroccan property to invest in, keep your eyes open. We're looking forward to taking a stab at their new web site and the rest of their printed materials when the day comes. Hoping they will allow us.
Made in Sweden.
blanket-orangeblanket small2kuddar 
During 2006, a limited edition of hand loomed pure wool blankets and linen 
fabrics were produced. The products are designed by Fransson Kane Design 
and produced by Hantverk i Nyborg, Sweden.
All products are be sold through Hantverk i Nyborg. SOLD OUT!
Patterns and labels.
Graphic design: Susanne Fransson Kane.
 26935-17 maimounapapers
Maimouna, a newcomer among soaps, incense and scents on the market.
Fransson Kane designs patterns, labels and packaging. The inspiration comes
from the patterns and colors of Africa...